Thursday, December 1, 2011

Colorado Task Force on Transmission Siting and Permitting Issued Report to Governor and the Legislature Today

In compliance with Senate Bill 11-045, the task force on statewide transmission siting and permitting issued its report today.  The report provided three recommendations:

1.  Increase local government coopeation and collaboration.  
2.  Change the appeal process for decisions by the Public Utility Commission (PUC).
3. Open a PUC docket to consider improvements to the backstop process and consider a transmission siting and resource center.  Specifically, "the task force recommends that the PUC open a docket to consider a range of backstop-related issues, including using mediation for dispute resolution, providing advice to the PUC, and considering the possibility of establishing a resource center for the benefit of local governments, transmission providers, the public and the PUC.

As originally introduced, the bill would have created a seven-member electric transmission facility siting commission consisting of three utility regulators, three members representing the local governments in which a plannned facility is proposed to be located, and one member representing the public at large.  After significant amendments, the bill was modified to create the task force resulting in the three recommendations above.

A copy of the task force’s full report can be viewed from the PUC website at

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